Jack McBryde
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Full Name
Jack McBryde
Male   Male
Death date
1921 PD
Death place
Gamma Center,
Green Pines, Mesa
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Jack McBryde was a Mesan citizen working for the Mesan Alignment's security service.

Physical appearance[]

He had red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. (CS2)


Jack was the son of Christina McBryde, an artist, and her husband Thomas, as well as the brother of JoAnne, Zachariah, and Arianne McBryde. (CS2)


In 1921 PD, McBryde served as senior security chief of the Gamma Center, the Mesan Alignment's top secret research facility beneath the city of Green Pines. In this capacity, he was also responsible for supervising hyper physicist Dr. Herlander Simões. Eventually, the way the Alignment treated Simões (his daughter was put to death, or "culled", despite Herlander's offer to care for her) disillusioned McBryde to the point where he considered defection. Once he realized that Anton Zilwicki was on Mesa, he orchestrated Dr. Simões' defection, and blew up himself and the Gamma Center when he realized he could not escape in time. (HH12, CS2)