Ivan Bukato
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Ivan Bukato
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Ivan Bukato was a Havenite citizen and an officer in the People's Navy.


Sometime before 1912 PD, Bukato rose to the rank of Admiral and became the professional head of the People's Navy; his position and authority was that of the pre-Committee office of Chief of Naval Operations, but as the title was deemed "elitist" by the new regime, it was never conferred upon Bukato, who had no other official title except that of "Citizen Admiral".

Despite holding some reservations about Admiral Esther McQueen's political ambitions, Admiral Bukato became a close assistant and collaborator of McQueen following her appointment as Secretary of War in replacement of Kline, whom Bukato held in poor regard. The admiral thus helped the new "civilian" head of the military to reshape the Havenite armed forces to better fight the war against the Manticoran Alliance, and was one of the top planners of Operation Icarus, the Republic's largest offensive since the beginning of military operations. (HH8)

Admiral Bukato continued as "chief of naval operations" following Icarus and collaborated with Secretary McQueen in planning new offensive actions against the Manticoran Alliance, and eventually became involved with McQueen's plans to topple the Committee's rule. As a result, he was among those killed when State Security General Rachel Speer, per Oscar Saint-Just's orders, detonated a nuclear device planted under the Octagon when McQueen's bid for power was on the verge of success. (HH9)

Service Record[]


  • Admiral


Senior Officer, Octagon