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Iris Babcock
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Iris Babcock, OC, OR, NS*, CGM**, was a Manticoran citizen and a non-commissioned officer of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.

Physical appearance[]

She had red hair, although by 1903 PD, it had gone grey in places. (HH2)


Iris Babcock was born on the planet Gryphon in 1817 PD, and was a recipient of the first generation of prolong anti-aging treatments. In 1863 PD, she enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. She also held a black belt in the martial art Coup de vitesse.

Around 1875 PD, she was a platoon sergeant and served under Lieutenant Thurston. She tried to convince her young CO not to accept Captain Denver Summervale's challenge to a duel, but failed. (HH4)

In 1903 PD, she held the rank of Sergeant Major, and was assigned to the heavy cruiser HMS Fearless (CA-286) as a part of the Marine detachment. She became Captain Honor Harrington's regular sparring partner after Harrington's regular parter, Lieutenant Wisner, was transferred. Captain Harrington did not want to spar with the Sergeant Major at first because she feared being humiliated and beaten.

Babcock was a part of the assault team that was assembled to attack Blackbird Base, and had to get a spare set of armor from HMS Apollo before Apollo left for Manticoran space. (HH2, HH3)

She married Horace Harkness in 1909 PD. Harkness was noted for deliberately picking fights with Marines, so her marriage to him raised a few eyebrows. (HH6)

In 1922 PD, Babcock served as command sergeant major at the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island. (Companion)

Service Record[]


  • Platoon Sergeant (around 1875 PD)
  • Sergeant Major (in or before 1903 PD)