Invictus class.png
Name: Invictus class
Type: Pod-laying superdreadnought
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored.png Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1919 PD
Preceded By: Medusa class
Mass: 8,768,500 tons
Length: 1394 m
Beam: 202 m
Draught: 188 m
Acceleration: 450.1 G
(562.6 G maximum)
Armament: Broadside: 18G, 84CM, 62PD

Fore: 10G, 24CM, 22PD
Aft: 6MP, 10G, 14CM, 24PD

Magazines: 1074 missile pods

The Invictus class was an advanced class of pod-laying superdreadnought deployed by the Royal Manticoran Navy at the turn of the 1920s PD.

Technical specifications[]

The Invictus-class ships represented a major departure in superdreadnought design, as the BuShips teams that developed them chose to remove all broadside missile batteries in favor of improved anti-missile emplacements, energy weapons, and missile pods, able to roll six pods every twelve seconds. (HH9)

Save for the Invictus herself, all Invictus-class ships were Keyhole II capable. (HH11)


The class had been developed towards the end of the First Havenite-Manticoran War as the improved successors of the Medusa-class, but construction of the first wave of ships had barely begun when the High Ridge government agreed to a truce with the Havenite dictator Oscar Saint-Just. (HH9)

As per the drawdown of forces ordered by the new government, construction of the Invictus-class vessels was suspended and the unfinished ships were placed in storage in their building slips in the Manticore and Grendelsbane systems. The upsurge in tensions with the Anderman Empire and the revelation that the Havenite Navy had pod-laying warships of its own led to a belated reactivation of construction on the unfinished superdreadnoughts; however, the sudden outbreak of hostilities with the Republic of Haven took the Star Kingdom by surprise, and the Battle of Grendelsbane at Grendelsbane Station led to the Manticoran picket commander to destroy the shipyard rather than risk its capture by the enemy, an action which resulted in the destruction of forty-six unfinished Invictus-class superdreadnoughts. (HH10)

At the onset of the war, only twelve Invictus-class ships were ready, with a few more nearing completion in Manticore from construction previously suspended by the High Ridge administration, and more ships laid down as part of the emergency war construction program, ships which would not be finished until 1922 PD at the earliest.

Two Invictus-class ships (Imperator and Intransigent) were assigned to Battle Squadron 61, which was Eighth Fleet's main Ship of the Wall formation during the early stages of the new war. (HH11)

At the time of its initial deployment, the Invictus was one of the most powerful warships in the explored universe. Over fifty of these ships had been built by the early 1920s PD. (Companion)

Known ships[]


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