HHA5 InFireForged cover1
Name: In Fire Forged
Author: David Weber,
Timothy Zahn,
Jane Lindskold
Publisher: Baen Books
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 1439134146
Series: Worlds of Honor
Previous: The Service of the Sword
Next: Beginnings

In Fire Forged is the fifth anthology of short stories set in David Weber's Honorverse, and the first one not named after one of the stories it contains.

It was published in February of 2011 and contains the following stories:

Ruthless Edit

by Jane Lindskold

This story is set two and a half years after "Promised Land", and features Judith Templeton and Michael Winton dealing with the kidnapping of Judith's toddler daughter, Ruth, by a pair of Manticoran isolationists. During their hunt for the kidnappers all through the Manticore System, the Manticoran prince and the Masadan refugee finally realize how much they truly mean to each other.

An Act of War Edit

by Timothy Zahn

Shortly after Honor Harrington's return from Hades, the mysterious arms dealer Charles gets involved in an elaborate plot by Oscar Saint-Just to start a war between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Andermani Empire.

Let's Dance! Edit

by David Weber

This story depicts how Lieutenant Commander Honor Harrington broke up a slave depot in the Casimir System, and why the Audubon Ballroom trusted her so much. (These events were briefly mentioned in From the Highlands.)

An Introduction to Modern Starship Armor Design Edit

This last entry is not actually a 'story', but a tech bible much like The Universe of Honor Harrington.

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