The Idaho Hyper Bridge was a wormhole bridge between the Zunker System in the Verge of the Solarian League and the Idaho System near the Star Empire of Manticore.

Stellar Geography[]

Discovered in 1905 PD by a Manticoran survey ship under charter to the Idahoans[1], the hyper bridge was over four hundred light-years long, and the system lay roughly a hundred and ninety light-years from the Sol System and just over a hundred and fifty light-years from the Sigma Draconis System. In fact, it lay almost directly between Beowulf and Asgerd, closing the gap between the Beowulf Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction and the Andermani Empire's Asgerd-Durandel Hyper Bridge.

Its location turned both Idaho and Zunker into important feeder systems of the larger Manticoran Wormhole Junction.

The terminus at the Zunker end of the hyper bridge lay six and a half light-hours from the system primary. (HH13)


The discovery of the hyper bridge attracted the attention of the League's Office of Frontier Security and its transstellar partners. In response to the increased League interest in Zunker, Idaho turned to its neighbors and allies in Manticore. The Manticorans in turn relayed to the League[2] that Solarian transit fees through the main termini of the Manticoran Wormhole Junction would see an inexplicable increase should anything unfortunate happen to the Zunker System.

The result was an official League consulate and OFS observation post in Effingham, Zunker's capital city, and the understanding that while the League would be allowed influence in Zunker, it would not be allowed the puppetmaster control it exercised in other supposedly independent star systems. Additionally, it was understood that Zunker would fall under League protection instead of Manticoran while the terminus associated with Zunker was granted Idahoan extraterritoriality[3].

In 1922 PD, in the amidst of increasing tensions between the League and the Star Empire, the Zunker Incident occurred at the Zunker terminus between the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Solarian League Navy. (HH13)


The Zunker terminus of the hyper bridge was administrated by Zunker Terminus Astro Control Service[4] and patrolled by a joint force of Zunker Space Navy and Idahoan LACs[5]. (HH13)


  1. Seventeen years before 1922 PD.
  2. Specifically Permanent Senior Undersecretary of the Treasury Brian Sullivan, the immediate predecessor to Agatá Wodoslawski.
  3. Prime Minister Cromarty of Manticore insisted Zunker receive a third of all transit fee revenues as well.
  4. Directed by Captain Fergus Arredondo in 1922 PD.
  5. Such as the ZSNS Kipling in 1922 PD.