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The Honorverse novels have been published in many editions in many languages all over the world.

Publishing houses have often made different choices of cover art than did Baen, the US publisher. Some used the original US versions, some changed the order of the artwork, some used other illustration altogether. Motives for change seem to have included an intention to better fit the theme of a book, and some even had new original artwork created. In addition, a number of books have been split into two volumes for paperback release (especially in languages like German where the increased length of words would make the book too big for one volume) and titles have been altered where they do not sound correct in the local language.

This project page is dedicated to collecting cover arts and designs of Honorverse novels from all around the world.

Main series[]

On Basilisk Station[]

The Honor of the Queen[]

Omnibus of Books 1 and 2[]

The Short Victorious War[]

Field of Dishonor[]

Flag in Exile[]

Honor Among Enemies[]

In Enemy Hands[]

Echoes of Honor[]

Ashes of Victory[]

War of Honor[]

At All Costs[]

Mission of Honor[]

A Rising Thunder[]

Shadow of Freedom[]

Saganami Island series[]

The Shadow of Saganami[]

Storm from the Shadows[]

Crown of Slaves series[]

Crown of Slaves[]

Torch of Freedom[]

Cauldron of Ghosts[]

Anthologies and Companions[]

More Than Honor[]

Worlds of Honor[]

Changer of Worlds[]

The Service of the Sword[]

In Fire Forged[]

House of Steel[]

Star Kingdom series[]

A Beautiful Friendship[]

Fire Season[]

Treecat Wars[]

Manticore Ascendant[]

A Call to Duty[]

A Call to Arms[]

A Call to Vengeance[]