The Home Fleet was a Grayson Space Navy fleet assigned to protect the Yeltsin's Star System.


The Home Fleet of the Grayson Space Navy was created between 1905 PD and 1907 PD after the deactivation or dissolving of the Allied Second Fleet. Responsibility for the defense of the Yeltsin System was transferred to the GSN at that point. (see: Treaty of Alliance).

With the departure of the last two RMN battle squadrons in 1907 PD[1] the Home Fleet consisted entirely of Grayson ships of wall.[2]

The commanding officer of the Home Fleet was the High Admiral of the GSN. Admiral Honor Harrington's command of it during the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin was only provisory. (HH5)

Order of battle[]

There were no other fleets in the GSN at that time, so the Home Fleet consisted of all GSN forces with the exception of expeditionary forces or forces detached to Allied fleets. (HH5, HH7, HH8, HH10, HH11)



  • 1907 PD: 11 SD - 1 SD destroyed
  • 1919-1921 PD: 57-63 SD(P), 30 SD and 16-30 CLAC


  1. Planned to reinforce Admiral White Haven's Sixth Fleet. Task force under the command of Admiral Suarez consisted more than 11 units and included a task group commanded by Admiral Henries (a battle squadron of 8 SD and a battlecruiser squadron of 6 units).
  2. Some light Manticoran ships took part in the fourth battle of Yeltsin.