The history of the State Security Naval Forces began when the Office of State Security under Oscar Saint-Just assumed control over all of the People's Republic of Haven's intelligence and security apparatus, and began to designate its own naval units in order to control the People's Navy.

After the Theisman coup brought an end to the Committee of Public Safety and StateSec, its naval forces were also dissolved and reintegrated into the Republican Navy where possible.

1907[edit | edit source]

In 1907 PD, a rebellion of People's Navy units in the Malagasy System was suppressed by other units of the Navy – the State Security Naval Forces were not referred to back then. (HH5)

1911 PD[edit | edit source]

1913 PD[edit | edit source]

1914 PD[edit | edit source]

December 18, 1914 PD – Commodore (SS) Helft's battle squadron destroyed two Capital Fleet superdreadnoughts in the Haven system[3] during Admiral Esther McQueen's attempted coup. (HH9)

1915 PD[edit | edit source]

Remnants after May 1915 PD[edit | edit source]

  • The Office of State Security was dissolved and its Naval forces ships were planned to be reintegrated into the renamed Republic of Haven Navy.
  • Elements of the previous regime and military, including StateSec forces, became hostile to the newly established Republic of Haven.[5]
  • Some StateSec and People’s Navy warships, but no capital ships, were sold to third parties by its personnel or admirals. (HH10)
  • The crews of at least some of StateSec and the People's Navy units, but not bigger than battlecruiser, chose to set up independent operations as pirates or small-scale warlords; such pirate activity appeared in Verge[6] and Silesian Confederacy (three Battlecruisers were destroyed by the Royal Manticoran and Imperial Andermani Navy). (HH10)
  • Elements of the previous regime and military, including StateSec Naval Forces units, established the "Liberation Force in Exile" with the stated goal of reestablishing the People's Republic of Haven.
  • StateSec pirate units operating outside of the Republic of Haven received logistical and intelligence support from Mesa and Manpower. (SI1)

1918 PD[edit | edit source]

The last elements of StateSec forces (including naval units) in the Republic of Haven area were defeated and the Havenite Civil War was effectively ended. (HH10)

1920 PD[edit | edit source]

August 25, 1920 PD – StateSec origin pirates calling themselves the "People's First Liberation Squadron" were destroyed by the RMN in the Nuncio System, Talbott Cluster at the Battle of Nuncio. (SI1)

1921 PD[edit | edit source]

The People's Navy in Exile was destroyed during the Second Battle of Congo by the Maya Sector Detachment of the Solarian League Navy while trying to invade the Kingdom of Torch. SI2)

References[edit | edit source]

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