The Planetary High Court was the supreme tribunal of the Protectorate of Grayson's legal system.

Established as a secular tribunal after Benjamin the Great's Constitution transferred judiciary matters away from the Sacristy of the Church of Humanity Unchained, the High Court had since become the supreme legal authority on constitutional interpretation and judiciary matters. While nominated by the Protector and the secular government of Grayson, those who were appointed to sit in the High Court required the consent of the Sacristy to take office. (HH5)

The High Court of a later time observed that an armsman serving in a Steadholder's Own Guard received his Army commission because he was an armsman, and that he became an armsman in the first place by his oath to his steadholder. In the court's view, that meant an armsman's first responsibility was to his steadholder, not the Army, and that he could only be called to active service with the consent of his steadholder.[1] (HH7)

After 1903 PD, the High Court validated Protector Benjamin IX's resumption of direct rule, as its ruling held that the written Constitution superseded unwritten constitutional traditions and precedents which had transferred governmental powers to the Protector's Council and the Conclave of Steadholders. (HH5)


  1. This effectively kept the Protector from using these troops against the steadholders they served.