Lord Henry Prestwick, Steadholder Prestwick, († 1915 PD) was a Grayson citizen and a member of the Protector's Council.


In 1898 PD, Lord Prestwick was an opponent of Protector Benjamin IX. By 1903 PD however, he was the Chancellor, and was considered to be a "decent guy" by Benjamin, even though he was unwilling to give the Protector more powers. Benjamin IX believed that there needed to be a stronger Chancellor. Chancellor Prestwick went to an economic meeting between Grayson delegates and delegates from the Star Kingdom of Manticore, and was irritated by Reginald Houseman's plan to become trading partners with Masada; he also hoped to garner aid for the orbital construction projects, as well as naval expansion.

He attended a meeting to discuss Captain Honor Harrington's request of assistance and vouched for Harrington because the Royal Manticoran Navy's ships were the only line of defense for his planet. (HH2)

Lord Prestwick remained to serve as Benjamin IX's Chancellor until 1915 PD, when he died along with many other Manticoran and Grayson government officials in the destruction of HMS Queen Adrienne. (HH9)