Star Knight class in space 01

The Star Knight class, an example of a Manticoran heavy cruiser

The heavy cruiser (CA) was a type of warship employed by most major space forces of the Post Diaspora era. They were the largest warships not to be classified as capital ships and the smallest ships to be armored. Functionally, the difference between a heavy and a light cruiser is that a light cruiser is unarmored (and usually smaller).

History Edit

Heavy cruisers (often abbreviated to CA for "Cruiser, Armored") were a class of medium combatants. They were designed for long-term independent action as a system picket, a heavy commerce protection unit and as a screening unit for capital ships. Heavy cruiser mass ranged between 160 and 350 thousand tons.

The PNS Sword of the Sword class was an example of a Havenite heavy cruiser. (HH3)

Heavy cruiser classes introduced during the First Havenite-Manticoran War had mass ranging from the 400 thousand ton Edward Saganami class to the 600 thousand ton Mars class.

Smaller heavy cruisers of the RMN were designed with break-away bulkheads to jettison a malfunctioning fusion reactor. (HH3)

Known CA classes Edit

Andermani EmpireEdit

Protectorate of GraysonEdit

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Solarian LeagueEdit

Star Kingdom / Star Empire of ManticoreEdit

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