Havenite planet

Cerberus System


People's Republic of Haven
Office of State Security


Camp Charon


~ 500 000 prisoners
(freed in 1913 PD)




Hades was a planet in the Cerberus System, in the Shilo Sector of the People's Republic of Haven, and the location of a secret Havenite planetary prison.

Geography Edit

Hades orbited Cerberus-B, a class G3 star, at seven light-minutes distance. Its axial tilt was five degrees.

The planet had three moons called Tartarus, Sheol and Niflheim. There were four continents: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Most of the planet was extremely hot, with temperatures frequently reaching 35-40 degrees (95-104 on the old Farenheit scale), possibly even higher. Styx island, one of the few relatively temperate places on the planet, was located in the DuQuesne Ocean. (HH8)

Biology Edit

Animal life Edit

Most, or all, native life was trisexual with a fourth neuter gender.

The equatorial regions featured blood-sucking mosquito-like insects dubbed "shuttlesquitos" whose wingspan was wider than an average human palm. Human blood appeared to be quite poisonous to them, although it didn't stop them from trying, considerably annoying prisoners. Unlike Earth mosquitoes, shuttlesquitos did not swarm. (HH8)

Plants Edit

The native flora and fauna were biochemically incompatible with humans, no native plant was edible, being either poisonous or non-nutritive. One semi exception was a native tuber called false-potato, which could be, somewhat, metabolized. A toxin accumulated, however, which caused neurological damage.

Styx island was terraformed however and was a source of food for people living on Hades. (HH8)

References Edit

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