HMS Warlock
Star Knight class in space 01
Class Star Knight
Type Heavy cruiser
Affiliation Star Kingdom of Manticore
In Service 1890s1921 PD

HMS Warlock (CA-277) was a Star Knight-class heavy cruiser of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

In 1899 PD, Captain Pavel Young was the commanding officer, and the Warlock was assigned to the picket station in the Basilisk System. Commander Paul Tankersley was assigned as his executive officer.

After HMS Fearless arrived at Basilisk in 1900 PD, Warlock returned to Manticore for a three month refit because the captain reported that the ship's Warshawski tuners needed to be replaced. While undergoing the repairs, Tankersley purposely slowed the repairs in order for the Warlock to not return to Basilisk. Admiral Hamish Alexander, with the tacit approval of then-First Space Lord James Webster, conspired with Admiral Craig Warner to slow the refit process even more. The following year, Warlock was sent to escort freighters in the Silesian Confederacy. (HH1, HH3)

In 1904 PD, Warlock was made part of Cruiser Squadron 17 in the Hancock System, assigned to the screen for Admiral Sarnow's Battlecruiser Squadron 5. She participated in the First Battle of Hancock. Following the incapacity of Admiral Sarnow and the death of the squadron commander, and failure of communication with Admiral Sarnow's second in command, Young panicked and ordered CruRon 17 to scatter, refusing to return to formation when Captain Harrington, Admiral Sarnow's flag captain, ordered him to do so.

As a result, Admiral Parks ordered Young stripped of command and sent back to Manticore under confinement to face a court-martial for violating the Articles of War, refusing a superior's order while in the presence of the enemy.[1] At the time of the order, Young had no way to know that Sarnow was incapacitated and Harrington was acting on her own. (HH3)

Warlock carried the shame of her captain's actions for many years. In 1920 PD, the ship was assigned to the Talbott Cluster. In 1921 PD, she was finally able to restore her honor in the Battle of Monica under the command of Ito Anders, who gave his life in the engagement. His ship was returned to Manticore to be scrapped, but the name Warlock was placed on the List of Honor. (SI1)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

  • Captain Lord Pavel Young – Commanding Officer 1899 - 1904 PD
  • Captain Ito Anders – Commanding Officer 1920 - 1921 PD
  • Commander Paul Tankersley – Executive Officer 1901 PD
  • Commander George Hibachi – Executive Officer 1920 - 1921 PD, acting CO 1921 PD

References Edit

  1. Captain Young was convicted and dishonorably discharged from the Navy.