HMS Unconquered
Class unknown
Type Light cruiser
Affiliation Star Kingdom of Manticore
In Service 17th Century PD

HMS Unconquered (CL-16) was a light cruiser, the oldest serving warship in the Royal Manticoran Navy, and a combination memorial and living museum, permanently stationed in parking orbit around the planet Manticore.

Membership in her crew was symbolic and considered a high honor.


It was originally built in 1649 PD. (Companion)

Serving as the first hyper-capable command of Edward Saganami and, at the end of her active duty, Lieutenant Commander Ellen D'Orville, Unconquered held the distinction of having been commanded by two of the RMN's greatest heroes.

After having spent a century in reserve, Unconquered was scheduled to be scrapped, but was saved by the Royal Navy League. They engaged in a massive fund-raising effort to repair and restore her to the condition she was in under Saganami, and convinced the Crown to reinstate her as a memorial and living museum. Unconquered was placed in permanent parking orbit around Manticore.[1] (HH11)


Following her resurrection, HMS Unconquered was staffed by a "crew" which was filled from members of the Royal Manticoran Navy, although since they needed to be active serving members they did not actually serve on Unconquered itself. Membership in her crew was considered a high honor, and was used to recognize the best and the brightest of the RMN. (HH11)


Traditionally, the post of "Captain" of Unconquered was held by an Admiral, chosen by the Crown from a list of nominations as voted on by the Navy's serving officers. The commander of HMS Unconquered was the only flag officer in the RMN who was allowed to wear the white beret of a hyper-capable ship commander. (HH11)

Known Captains[]


  1. This is a rather obvious reference to HMS Victory, the legendary last command of Lord Nelson, which had very much the same fate.