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HMS Rondeau (Chanson-class)

HMS Rondeau was a Manticoran Chanson-class destroyer.

History Edit

The vessel was as old as the HMS Warlock which was in service since at least 1899 PD. (SI1)

In 1911 PD, the Rondeau fought at the Second Battle of Adler, and was one of only three Manticoran destroyers to have survived. (HH7)

In 1920 PD, the Rondeau was assigned to the Talbott Cluster. In 1921 PD, Rondeau formed part of Captain Aivars Terekhov's ad hoc force in the Battle of Monica, where the ship was destroyed with heavy loss of life. As a result of the battle and the extraordinary bravery shown by its crew, its name was added to the List of Honor. (SI1)

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