HMS Prince Adrian was the lead ship of the Prince Consort class of heavy cruisers used by the Royal Manticoran Navy.


Prince Adrian served on anti-piracy duty in the Silesian Confederacy for years, taking out a total of thirteen pirate ships. In 1872 PD, she was crippled in a battle with two pirate heavy cruisers. The Admiralty wanted to send her to the breakers, but determined campaigning and a petition by several senior officers led to her bing rebuilt from the keel out and going back in service. (JIR1)

Commanded by Captain Alistair McKeon, the ship was assigned to Home Fleet in 1905 PD. (HH4)

Later it was reassigned to the Sixth Fleet. In 1911 PD the ship was planned to be assigned to Eighth Fleet, and ended up leading Joint Navy Military Transport Command Convoy 76. It was the first ship to encounter the Havenite naval forces (led by Rear Admiral Tourville) which had taken over the Adler System in the Second Battle of Adler. She fought long enough to allow her convoy to escape, then Commodore Harrington ordered Captain McKeon to surrender his ship (see: Third Battle of Adler).

The crew was then taken prisoners of war and sent to POW camp. Some officers were taken to the State Security prison planet Hades in the Cerberus System. (HH7)

Known crewmembers[]

Naval Commissioned Officers[]

1905 PD - 1909 PD:

  • Captain Alistair McKeon – Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Prescott Tremaine - Assistant Tactical Officer/Boat Bay Officer

In 1911 PD:

Naval Enlisted[]

In 1909 PD:

In 1911 PD:

Marine Officers[]

  • Major Yestachenko – Commanding Officer of marine complement - 1905 PD (HH4)
  • Sergeant Iris Babcock - 1905 PD (HH4)