HMS Minotaur
HMS Minotaur CLAC-01.jpg
Class Minotaur
Type LAC carrier
Affiliation Star Kingdom of Manticore
In Service 1912 PD –

HMS Minotaur (CLAC-01) was the prototype of the Minotaur class and the Royal Manticoran Navy's – as well as the galaxy's – first LAC carrier.

Technical data[]

Minotaur was the result of Project Anzio. The ship massed just under six million tons, with an overall length of 2.2 kilometers and maximum beam width of 367 meters. The offensive armament was limited to chase mounts of four grasers and nine missile tubes. Her broadside armament was defensive only.

It was equipped with 100 launch bays for Shrike-class light attack craft. (HH8)


The personnel assigned to Minotaur was given false orders to join the crew of the repair ship Candice as a cover. They were only informed about their assignment's true nature after reporting to duty aboard the space station HMSS Weyland. (HH8)

Commanded by Captain Alice Truman, the ship was scheduled to test the LAC carrier concept in the Hancock System. She was the first ship armed with Ghost Rider missiles. The People's Navy's attack on Hancock Station in Operation Icarus occured while Minotaur was working up. When the Second Battle of Hancock began, the ship's crew armed and launched its LACs, almost-single handedly thwarting the attack. (HH8, HH9)

Assigned LACs[]

Known crewmembers[]

Naval Officers[]


LAC Wing 1:

  • Captain (JG) Jacquelyn Harmon – COLAC, Commanding Officer HMLAC Harpy
  • Commander McGyver – acting Chief of Staff to the COLAC
  • Lieutenant Commander Stewart Ashford – LAC skipper
  • Lieutenant Commander Gillespie – LAC skipper
  • Lieutenant Michael Gearman – Chief Engineer, HMLAC Harpy
  • Lieutenant (JG) Ernest Takahashi – Helmsman, HMLAC Harpy
  • Ensign Thomas – Tactical Officer, HMLAC Harpy

Naval Enlisted[]