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HMS Ellipsis
(Star Knight-class)

HMS Ellipsis was a Star Knight-class heavy cruiser of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

Early in the First Havenite-Manticoran War, the ship was escorting a freighter transporting missile technology to the Alizon System when they were ambushed by Havenite privateers. The freighter was able to get away, but Ellipsis was taken after her bridge was hit, killing the captain before he could give the self-destruct order.

The battered vessel was then towed to a hidden spacedock. Although the Manticoran crew destroyed most of the sensitive material aboard, the Havenites found some personal service manuals in lockers and a few hardcopies of routine diagnostics that were still intact.

On orders from Secretary of State Security Oscar Saint-Just, the People's Navy restored Ellipsis to her original condition for use in a secret mission. The goal was to lure the Anderman Empire into believing the Manticorans had found a wormhole junction that would allow them to dominate the entire area of space. That plan, however, was foiled by the mysterious weapons dealer Charles, and Ellipsis was scuttled by her own commanding officer in the Irrlicht System. (HHA5.2: AAoW)

Known Crewmembers (PN) Edit

Naval Officers Edit

  • Captain Tyler – Commanding Officer

State Security Edit

  • People's Commissioner Ragli

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