HMS Damocles was a destroyer of the early Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

In 1539 PD, Damocles went on a "show-the-flag" mission to the Casca System, escorting the newly commissioned Manticoran freighter Goldenrod. Following events on the surface, it went in pursuit of the courier vessel Score Settler, but was unable to catch it before it reached the hyper limit. The ship later returned to Manticore.

In 1543 PD, Damocles participated in the Battle of Manticore and assisted the Manticoran Patrol and Rescue Service corvettes Aries and Taurus in destroying the Volsung Mercenaries destroyer Umbriel. However an obstruction in one of Damocles missile launcher tubes resulted in serious damage to the ship. (MA2)

Three weeks later, Damocles was in the System Reserve Force when a follow-up force of Free Duchy of Barca and Axelrod Corporation ships arrived at Manticore.

Later in 1544 PD, Damocles was tasked with transporting debris from the Battle of Manticore to Haven in the hope of identifying the party or parties behind the attack. While in Havenite space, the ship participated in the Battle of Danak. (MA3)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

  • Captain Marcello – Commanding Officer (1539 PD, 1543 PD)
  • Commander Susan Shiflett – Executive Officer (1539 PD)
  • Commander Papadakis – Chief Engineering Officer (1539 PD)
  • Lieutenant Commander Lisa Donnelly – Tactical Officer (1543 PD), Executive Officer (1544 PD)
  • Lieutenant Nikkelsen (1539 PD, 1543 PD)

Naval Enlisted Edit

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