(Manticore B-IV)
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Manticore-B System


Star Empire of Manticore


600 million[1]


11,878 km


1.05 G


Gryphon, also known as Manticore B-IV, was the third habitable planet located in the Manticore System, orbiting its secondary star. It was the last planet settled by the Manticoran colonists, being the least hospitable one.


Gryphon had an unusually high planetary rotational axis at 27 degrees, which produced drastic climate changes as the Gryphon year progressed. There was a joke that the people from Gryphon often joined the Royal Manticoran Navy to escape the weather.

Gryphon had a 22.71 T-hours day and 650.46 days in a year. In T-Years, Gryphon had a 615.51 T-day in a year, and one year equals 1.69 T-years. The Gryphon year was divided into 18 months with 16 of 36 days and two of 37 days. The months with the extra days in the 9th month, 10th month, and the 11th month every other local year. (HH1)

It was the most tectonically active of the three Manticoran worlds. (HHA2.2: WPD)

Geographical features[]


Gryphon was the last planet in the Manticore System to be settled by colonists, resulting in it being the one with the smallest population and the least traffic for centuries to come. (HH6, HH8)

The planetary biosystem is also the least Earth-like of the Star Kingdom's habitable worlds, and the colony's original cattle did not do well there, but a genetically-engineered variant of the Plains Buffalo, imported from the planet Beowulf in 1612 PD, adapted with phenomenal success, and two of the Star Kingdom's major exports to the older planets are buffalo hides and meat. (UHH)

The Gryphon yeomanry has a long history of staunch support for the monarchy because much of the Gryphon nobility was too socially conservative even for the Conservative Association. (HH9) During the reign of King Roger II, the planetary government passed a referendum calling for the revocation of the treecats' status as sentient beings. (HHA2.2: WPD)

Old Beyelorussian was still spoken in some isolated areas of the Gryphon highlands in the 20th Century PD. (HHA4.5: F)

Iris Babcock was born on the planet in 1817 PD. (HH2)


By 1904 PD, cocoa with a hint of almond was a popular drink on the planet. (HH3)


  1. As of 1920 PD