Green Pines was a community for upper mid-level and higher executives on the planet Mesa.

It was quite far away from the capital city of Mendel, but many of its inhabitants preferred it due to its exclusiveness. In its commercial district, deep under a huge office building known as Suvorov Tower, lay a secret Mesan Alignment research facility known as the Gamma Center. When the center was self-destructed in 1921 PD, much of the city's commercial district was destroyed, while the residential areas remained unharmed. (CS2)

In November, 1921 PD, nuclear devices were detonated at Suvorov Tower, Buenaventura Tower, and Pine Valley Park. After an investigation of the so called "Green Pines Atrocity", the Mesan government announced that the explosions, and the thousands of deaths, in Green Pines were the result of an attack by Anton Zilwicki and the Audubon Ballroom. (HH12)

Following the "Green Pines Atrocity", the Mesan internal security services carried out the retaliatory pogroms against the seccy districts, targeting to specific ones[1]. Around two thousand people were killed and at least four thousand were badly injured[2]. (CS3)


  1. Hancock Tower and Neue Rostock Tower.
  2. According to Lajos Irvine's estimation.