Grayson Sky Domes, Ltd. was a company chartered under Grayson law and established by Steadholder Honor Harrington to finance and build crystoplast domes over cities and farmland on the planet Grayson.


Harrington was chairwoman of the board with a fifty percent interest; Howard Clinkscales was CEO with twenty percent and Adam Gerrick was the corporation's chief engineer and development officer with thirty percent. Willard Neufsteiler was the chief financial officer. (HH5)


Grayson Sky Domes was founded in 1905-6 PD. Adam Gerrick, then an engineer working for Harrington Steading, proposed the use of crystoplast domes to create sealed environments on Grayson's surface, allowing the construction of large habitable areas (particularly for farming) at a lower cost than orbital habitats. As the steading's finances were stretched at the moment, and other investors were unwilling to commit to the untested technology, Sky Domes was established as a private enterprise using Harrington's offworld wealth. (HH4ch.18)

In 1907 PD, the dome under construction over the Winston Mueller Middle School in Mueller Steading was destroyed after being sabotaged in the building process. The company's reputation was badly damaged, and only restored after Protector Benjamin IX and Honor Harrington revealed the "accident" to be an act of sabotage and identified William Fitzclarence, Steadholder Burdette, as the man behind it. Burdette's conspirator Samuel Mueller, Steadholder Mueller, was able to conceal his role. (HH5)

In addition to farms, Grayson Sky Domes began the enclosing of entire cities. (HH7)

By the terms of Honor Harrington’s will, Clinkscales continued as CEO and the company was to be held in trust for the next Steadholder Harrington. All future financial operations were to be based on Grayson and a majority of the board of directors has to be Grayson citizens. (HH6)

By the time of Operation Thunderbolt, Grayson Sky Domes was firmly established among the Kingdom Five Hundred list of top corporations. (HH10)

By the 1920's Emily Alexander estimated Honor Harrington to be among the dozen richest Manticorans.