The Grayson Civil War was a global conflict that occurred on the planet Grayson from 1337 to 1351 PD. It was caused by a religious struggle between two groups, the Moderates and the Faithful.



The Moderates, led by Protector Benjamin the Great, believed that the use of technology on Earth made it evil, not technology itself. The Moderates believed that their situation on Grayson was akin to the Great Deluge in the Bible. (HH2)


The Faithful wanted to have nothing to do with technology. They created the Doctrine of the Second Fall, believing that the colonists sinned when they landed on Grayson. Though only a small percentage of the population, they were dangerous zealots, demanding new laws on dietary cuisine and willing to re-introduce stoning. (HH2)

Course of War[]

At the outbreak of the Civil War, the Faithful assaulted the Conclave of Steadholders, intending to take them hostage. Fifty-three Steadholders barricaded themselves in the Conclave Chamber. The Faithful destroyed one of the doors but the Steadholders' armsmen defended, refusing to be captured and dying to a man. The only person to escape was the Protector's seventeen-year-old son, who quickly pronounced himself Protector Benjamin IV. He fled to Mackenzie Steading, rallying what remained of the loyal forces around him. (Companion)

A triumvirate of the remaining Steadholders Bancroft, Oswald and Simonds ruled the planet until a revolt led by Benjamin IV rose up against them. (HH4, HH5)

The war lasted for fourteen T-years. Eventually, the Faithful developed a doomsday device, and were going to use it, but Barbara Bancroft, wife of Steadholder Bancroft, defected to the Moderates and informed them of the device, so they were able to stop the Faithful in time. (HH2)


In the aftermath of the war, approximately 47,000 of the Faithful were exiled to the planet Masada in the Endicott System. (HH2)

The Moderates established a secular constitution drafted by Benjamin the Great that laid out the basic rights of citizens as well as the reformed structure of the Grayson state. (HH5)