The Grayson Army was the primary ground combat branch of the Protectorate of Grayson's armed forces.


Army uniforms were brown and green and were distinguished from those of the Grayson Space Marine Corps by the absence of crossed starships on the collar. (HH5)

Steadholder's Guards[]

According to the Grayson Constitution, each steadholder is authorized up to fifty personal armsmen. Those personal armsmen are the Steadholder’s Own Guard. After the Grayson Civil War, Benjamin the Great granted every personal armsman an officer's commission in the Grayson Army. However the Planetary High Court of a later Protector ruled[1] that the first responsibility of personal armsman, based on their sworn oaths of loyalty, was to their steadholder. This meant that activating their Army commissions could only be done with their steadholder's permission. (HH7)


The constitution created by Benjamin the Great established a planetary Army and Grayson Space Navy under the Protector's own personal command. (HH5, HH9)


In the early days of the Manticoran Alliance, the Army, like the other branches of the Grayson military, used mainly Manticoran weaponry and combat equipment like the M32 pulse rifle and the M11 grav tank.

During the interregnum period (1915-1920 PD) the Graysons developed their own pulse rifle, the PR18, but due to new hostilities with Haven, it was not widely distributed as of the early 1920s PD. (Companion)


  1. It is unclear what effect the Mayhew Restoration might have regarding the Court's ruling.