Grasers were lasers operating in the gamma ray range.[1] Considered vastly superior in both strength and size when compared to lasers, grasers were often only seen in small numbers in smaller ships, due to their larger mass. The newer Shrike-class light attack craft (LACs) of the Royal Manticoran Navy carried a single graser, about the size and power of a battlecruiser's graser.

While lasers and grasers were usually both found on the same ship, the Grayson Space Navy preferred all graser broadsides due to their greater range and power. The Royal Manticoran Navy later copied this weapons layout after seeing how effective it was in combat. The Edward Saganami class was the first ship to use the all graser armament. The layout was later used for the Avalon class. (Companion)


  1. The name is an abbreviation of Gamma Ray Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation