The Grantville government was the Manticoran administration from 1920 PD onwards, led by Prime Minister William Alexander, 1st Baron Grantville.

After the Havenite Operation Thunderbolt and the outbreak of the Second Havenite-Manticoran War, Lord High Ridge resigned and his administration was succeeded by the Grantville government. (HH10)

Grantville's administration oversaw many constitutional changes for Manticore. These included the bloodless conquest/purchase of dozens of star systems in Manticore's share of the Silesian Confederacy, the incorporation of the Talbott Quadrant (though under a co-equal government based on Flax), the creation of the Star Empire of Manticore, the transfer of the power of the purse from the Lords to the Commons, and eventually the forging of the most powerful strategic partnership in history led by Manticore, Haven, Grayson and Beowulf.

The new government arose with overwhelming support in both houses of Parliament. The combination of High Ridge's disgrace and background events resulted in the utter collapse of the Manticore Conservative Association, severe blows to the Progressives and a fracturing of the Liberals, with many of the latter backing Grantville. Years of discord and instability at home ended. The government found itself able to make investments and weather crises which most of its predecessors, including the Cromarty regime, would've considered too politically damaging.

The government also proved effective at rooting out the culture of cronyism and influence peddling which had infested the Royal Manticoran Navy for most of its history. Streamlined organization and doctrinal emphasis on deploying concentrated state-of-the-art hardware under the best available leadership produced great dividends in battle. The RMN became practically unbeatable in a pitched battle by 1922 PD, though it suffered severe supply and logistical deficiencies after the Yawata Strike.


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