GNS Benjamin the Great

GNS Benjamin the Great (SD-21), was a the lead ship of the eponymous class of superdreadnoughts and the first Grayson-built ship of the wall. It was nicknamed "Benji".


Classified as a superdreadnought and designed as a fleet flagship, she was assigned to Manticore's Eighth Fleet as Admiral White Haven's flagship. (HH7)

In this role she participated in Operation Buttercup until the armistice. She served as the Earl's flagship again when a task force of the Grayson Space Navy was deployed to the Trevor's Star System in response to Benjamnin IX's correct assessment that it was likely to be targeted by Thomas Theisman should war resume.

Although one of the most powerful ships of her day, the 'Benji' was not a pod design and as such was regarded as obsolete in the late 1910s PD. Only three ships of her class were built before being supplanted as the backbone of the Grayson Space Navy by the Honor Harrington-class podlayers by the time Operation Thunderbolt led to the resumption of hostilities. (HH10)

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