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From the Highlands
Changer of Worlds

"From the Highlands", written by Eric Flint, is the third story in the third Honorverse anthology Changer of Worlds, published in 2001. It was included in the story collection Worlds by Eric Flint.


On the eve of former Havenite Admiral Amos Parnell's arrival on Earth to testify regarding the excesses and crimes of the Committee of Public Safety and the Office of State Security, Helen Zilwicki, daughter of Captain Anton Zilwicki of the Royal Manticoran Navy, finds herself in the midst of an underground fight between StateSec agents, anti-slavery terrorists, mercenaries and an unscrupulous supercorporation.

Her father and her martial arts mentor Robert Tye try their best to save her, and find an unexpected ally in Havenite secret agent Victor Cachat.


This story serves as background for Flint's and David Weber's novel Crown of Slaves.

Novelists Patrick O'Brian and Joseph Conrad, both of whom clearly influenced Flint, are mentioned in the story.

Catherine Montaigne mentions the Casimir Raid, which is described in detail in the 2011 short story Let's Dance!.



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