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Dr. Fritz Montoya, MD, was a Manticoran citizen and an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy.


In 1900 PD, Montoya held the rank of Lieutenant and was a Surgeon Lieutenant assigned to HMS Fearless. He was attached to custom parties, and was recalled to Fearless, while Surgeon Commander Lois Suchon took his place on Medusa. Montoya led sickbay when the Fearless went into battle against the PMSS Sirius. (HH1)

In 1903 PD, Montoya was assigned to the new Fearless as chief medical officer. When HMS Troubadour's chief medical officer was killed in battle, Montoya was sent over to help with the wounded. In the aftermath of the Battle of Blackbird he tended to the injuries of Mercedes Brigham and Mai-ling Jackson, giving a report on their medical status to Captain Harrington with Commander Thomas Theisman present.[1] Montoya and James MacGuiness then slipped a mickey into Captain Harrington's cocoa to help her get some rest after staying up for fifty-three hours. (HH2) Montoya also tended to the injured Captain Honor Harrington when she was brought aboard the Fearless after the assassination attempt on Protector Benjamin Mayhew IX

In 1904 PD, he later joined Captain Harrington's crew in HMS Nike. (HH3) He was also the medical officer in GNS Jason Alvarez.

He was later aboard HMS Prince Adrian when she surrendered to the People's Navy. After Nimitz was injured, he treated him as best as he could. He survived the escape from PNS Tepes and made it to the surface of Hades, where he was forced to amputate Commodore Harrington's left arm because he did not have the proper equipment to save the injured limb. (HH7)

He was promoted to surgeon captain in 1913 PD and became senior medical officer for Task Force 34. (HH9)

Following the task force's return from the Silesian Confederacy, he was promoted to surgeon commodore and made head of the Combat Surgery Faculty at Bassingford Medical Center. (Companion)

Service Record[]


  • Surgeon Lieutenant - before 1900 PD
  • Surgeon Lt. Commander
  • Surgeon Commander - 1903 PD
  • Surgeon Captain - 1914 PD
  • Surgeon Commodore


  • Assistant Medical Officer, HMS Fearless (CL-56)
  • Chief Medical Officer, HMS Fearless (CA-286)
  • Chief Medical Officer, HMS Nike (BC-413)
  • Chief Medical Officer, GNS Jason Alvarez
  • Chief Medical Officer, forces in the Cerberus System
  • Chief Medical Officer, Task Force 34
  • Head of Combat Surgery, Bassingford Medical Center

Periods of inactive service[]

  • Oct 23, 1911 PD – 1913 PD: Havenite prisoner of war


  1. He had stabilized them both so that they can leave on the HMS Apollo.