Frisbee, as manufactured by Wham-O circa 2000 CE

The frisbee, or flying disc, was an ancient Earth toy that originated in the early to mid-20th Century CE.

It was a disc-shaped glider which was generally plastic and 20-25 cm in diameter with a lip. The shape of the disc was an airfoil cross-section that allowed it to fly by generating lift as it moved through the air while rotating after being thrown. The Frisbee was originally manufactured by the Wham-O Corporation, and was then known by several early names like Whirlo-way and Pluto-Plater.

The frisbee became popular in several systems including Manticore and Yeltsin's Star, and among adopted treecats after one of them observed a human playing fetch with a dog. (HH2)

On the planet Grayson, they became very popular among school children after being introduced by Steadholder Harrington, to the point that the Protector observed that it was dangerous to walk through Austin Central Park after school. (HH9)

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