The frigate was a type of small warship employed by many national space navies, such as the Royal Manticoran Navy. The type was smaller than a destroyer, and mainly used for such duties as picketing, escorting convoys, and other roles reserved for small vessels.


In 1389 PD, the Manticore Colony Trust commissioned four small frigates, built in the Sol System, to serve as the first space defense force of the Manticore System. (Companion)

The frigate grew increasingly obsolete by advances in weapons and drone technology. It had a lacklustre armament compared to larger warships due to the volume and tonnage taken up by the hyper generator, and drones were more expendable and useful as tactical reconnaisance. Accordingly, by the late 1800s PD, no major naval power made significant use of frigates, preferring destroyers and light cruisers instead. However, a squadron of twelve frigates was privately commissioned and built in the Manticore System for the use by the Anti-Slavery League, and eventually became the core of the new Royal Torch Navy. (CS1, CS2)

HMS Osprey was an example of an early Manticoran frigate. (HH1)

Known frigate classes[]

Anti-Slavery League / Kingdom of Torch[]

Silesian Confederacy[]

Star Kingdom / Star Empire of Manticore[]


Warship Classification
Arsenal shipBattlecruiserBattleshipCorvetteDestroyerDreadnoughtFrigateHeavy cruiserLACLAC carrierLight cruiserQ-shipShip of the WallSting shipSuperdreadnought