The Foreign Office or FO was a governmental department of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. It dealt with diplomacy and interacted with diplomats and other foreign personnel, overseeing the placement of military personnel with foreign governments. The head of the Foreign Office was the Foreign Minister.

In 1903 PD, Admiral Raoul Courvosier went on a diplomatic mission to Grayson to help their military and improve relations between the two nations. The FO sent warships with females as ranking officers to help Grayson get used to females in authoritarian positions, like Honor Harrington, a woman who fought heroically in battle. (HH2)

Aivars Terekhov worked for the FO for twenty-eight years before returning to active Navy duty in 1905 PD. (SI1)

The Foreign Office also maintained an official list of "threat nations" that Royal Manticoran Navy officers on half-pay were not allowed to serve in. (infodump)

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