The Fifth Masadan War or The Long Crusade was a war fought between the Protectorate of Grayson and the Faithful of Masada.

The war began in 1848 PD when Masada, having rebuilt its deep space infrastructure and navy in the period since the Fourth Masadan War, launched a series of initial attacks that took the Grayson Space Navy completely by surprise and almost succeeded in reaching the surface of Grayson.

Repelled at heavy cost to the GSN, the Masadans withdrew, but returned four years later in a fresh assault. The GSN launched a counteroffensive into the Endicott System, but encountered heavy system fortifications and took severe losses.

The war continued until Masada was able to reach Grayson's surface with nuclear strikes in 1868 PD. Causalities were severe, but lower than Masada expected as Grayson's heavily protected environmental domes and, under the Great Keys, a heavily reinforced GSN returned the war to Endicott in a series of bitter battles.

The war eventually devolved in a protracted cold war between Grayson and Masada in 1875 PD. The cold war continued with occasionally skirmishes, Masadan commerce raids, and Grayson reprisal strikes until 1892 PD when the rising tensions between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the People's Republic of Haven brought the strategic locations of both Yeltsin's Star and Endicott to the attention of both star nations. (Companion)

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