Name: Faith class
Type: System Defense Unit
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1891 PD
Mass: 11,250 tons
Length: 138 m
Beam: 23 m
Draught: 21 m
Acceleration: 327.5 G
(409.3 G maximum)
Power: Fission plant
Armament: 24 missile launchers
3 lasers
3 autocannons

The Faith class was a class of "system defense units", equivalent to light attack craft, built and used by the Grayson Space Navy.

Introduced in 1891 PD, they were the primary sublight system defense platforms for the primitive, pre-Alliance Grayson Navy.

The class was divided into at least three distinct subtypes with nearly identical weapons fit. The major changes between subtypes were in the sensors, electronic warfare packages, and fire control systems. They were protected by point defense autocannon. The designs were crude compared to more modern units, but performed well in the final Masadan attack on the Yeltsin's Star System.

They used fission power plants that the GSN considered upgrading to modern Manticoran-style GRAVMAK fusion plants. They eventually decided against it, but the data from the study led to the combination of Grayson fission reactors with Manticoran shielding materials and screen generators, ultimately resulting in the revolutionary powerplants for the Shrike class light attack craft. The Faith class' spinal laser mounts were also adapted for the Shrikes.

The last Faith class unit was put out of service in 1907 PD. (Companion)

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