Ernst Franks
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Ernst Franks
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Ernst Franks was a Masadan citizen and an officer of the Navy of Masada.


During the First Grayson-Masadan War, Franks was a subofficer and in command of a destroyer. He had to surrender his vessel to the Graysons.

In 1903 PD, Franks held the rank of Admiral of the Faithful, and was in command of a Masadan squadron at the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star. He led the Grayson-Manticoran Combined Fleet into a trap at Yeltsin: during the battle, Sword of the Faithful Matthew Simonds refused to order Franks to bypass HMS Madrigal and go after the Grayson survivors. Franks then wanted to bring the fleet together and attack Madrigal, to which Simonds agreed.

Commander Thomas Theisman of MNS Principality asked for reinforcements to Uriel, but was denied. Franks responded that since MNS Thunder of God was due to be back, that none was needed but to send MNS Virtue to warn of a Grayson attack at Uriel.

Admiral Franks had the Masadan vessels go behind Blackbird Base's defenses, and let them take care of the incoming fleet. Commander Theisman thought it was a stupid plan, and was right, as Franks was killed when his flagship, MNS Solomon, was destroyed at the Battle of Blackbird. (HH2)

Service Record[]


  • Admiral of the Faithful


  • Commanding Officer, Destroyer
  • Commanding Officer, Squadron