The planet Erewhon was the capital world of the star nation of the same name.

It was located near the Erewhon Terminus of the wormhole junction in the Erewhon System. (HH3)


Many of Erewhon's city names were a playful joke on both its organized crime past and on "respectable" Solarian society. Several large cities, including Sears and the capital, Maytag, were named for Old Earth manufacturers of washing machines, a reference to a practice with ancient roots, the "laundering" of ill-gotten money. This also extended to locations such as the Whirlpool Gulf. The oldest and tallest building in Maytag, the site of most government offices, was even named "The Suds Emporium" or "The Suds".

Erewhon's society remained strongly influenced by its tradition of shady characters and under the table deals. It sponsored one of the Galaxy's largest gambling and entertainment establishments in orbit around the planet. Government was by negotiation and coalition of important Erewhonese families, somewhat in the manner of Old Earth's ancient Mafiaosos.

Despite its traditions, Erewhon was not officially allied with or very cooperative with the Galaxy's most prominent gangster organization, the corporations of Mesa. (CS1)