Emily Alexander
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Lady Emily Alexander-Harrington
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Lady Emily Alexander-Harrington, Countess White Haven, Steadholder Consort Harrington, was a Manticoran noblewoman and writer, and the senior wife of Hamish Alexander.

Physical characteristics[]

She possessed golden blond hair and deep green eyes.

Her accident had crippled her physically; the surgeons had managed to salvage enough of her motor control to give her almost full use of one hand and arm (the right) and almost normal speech, although the regulation of her involuntary muscles depended entirely upon her life support chair. (HH10)


Emily was married to Hamish Alexander and later on to his second wife, Honor Harrington. The three of them had two children, Raoul, who was Honor's biological son, and Katherine, who was Emily's. (HH11) She was a distant relative of Elizabeth III Winton, Michelle Henke and Theodore Harper.


Emily was older than Allison Chou Harrington. In the mid-19th Century PD, Emily was one of the Star Kingdom's premiere holodrama performers, and remained a beloved and respected writer and producer. Her career as a performer came to an abrupt end after an air car collision left her a quadriplegic in 1862 PD. Her damaged nerves resisted regeneration and grafting. She had seventy-five percent use of one of her hands, but that was the only physical motion possible below the neck. (HH1, HH3, HH6, HH8)

Before her accident she rode horses, played tennis and grav skied. Although it was never discussed, she knew about her husband's liaison with fellow officer Theodosia Kuzak. Other of his affairs hurt her, not for the betrayal, but for what had been taken from them. (HH8)

She realized that her husband and Honor Harrington were in love with each other, but did not act on it for fear of hurting her. When the High Ridge government began spreading the rumor that they actually were lovers, Lady Alexander helped defuse it by publicly acknowledging Harrington as a dear friend. After her return from Sidemore Station, Emily explained that she and her husband's treecat, Samantha, had been having extensive discussions about how silly humans acted in matters of love. She gave her blessings to them acting on their love for each other. (HH10)

When Honor became pregnant by accident[1], Emily was convinced by Allison Chou Harrington to have a child of her own with Hamish. Of course, it had to be tubed (as was Honor's).

When news of the pregnancies was released to the press by someone inside Briarwood Reproduction Center, Emily and Hamish realized that the charade could not continue: they both married Honor in a private ceremony, and Emily became Emily Alexander-Harrington. Some time later their children, a daughter named Katherine and a son named Raoul, were born. (HH11)

Her physical condition weakened in the following years, a fact she tried to keep from her spouses. In January 1923 PD, she passed away in Honor's arms after being told (incorrectly) that Hamish had perished in the Beowulf Strike. (HH14)


  1. Her contraceptive implant had not been renewed in time due to a reset of her medical file after her return from Hades.