Elizabeth II Winton
Full Name
Elizabeth Antonia Adrienne Winton-De Quieroz
Female   Female
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Miriam de Quieroz stepdaughter
Juliette de Quieroz stepdaughter
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Elizabeth Antonia Adrienne Winton-De Quieroz, known to history as Elizabeth II, was the fifth reigning monarch of the Star Kingdom of Manticore from 1544 to 1601 PD.


She was the daughter of King Michael I with his second wife, Queen Mary, and thus the younger half-sister of Edward I. When he died in a boating accident, she succeeded him on the throne and ruled over Manticore for 57 T-years, making her the longest-reigning Manticoran monarch as of 1922 PD.[1] (UHH, MA1)

In 1534 PD, she married Carmichael de Quieroz, Baron of New Madrid, who already had three children from a previous marriage. However, her husband was killed in a hunting accident on Sphinx only a few years later. (MA2)

In 1544 PD, after she ascended to the throne, she received pressure from Earl Breakwater to comply with the Manticoran constitution and marry a commoner. Instead, with the assistance of MP Joshua Miller and Baron Winterfall, she impregnated herself with her late husband's sperm, pushed through a constitutional amendment legitimizing the resulting child[2], and exposed Breakwater's complicity in the destruction of HMS Phobos. (MA3)


  1. The second longest reign was that of Samantha II, who ruled for 55 years.
  2. Presumably her successor, David I.

Preceded by
Edward I
Queen of Manticore
1544 PD – 1601 PD
Succeeded by
David I