Eleventh Fleet
Solarian League Navy
Affiliation: Solarian League
Established: 1922 PD
Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Filareta
Flagship: SLNS Philip Oppenheimer
Strength: 427 SD
  • 32 BC
  • 30 CL
  • 48 DD
  • 50 fast freighters and transports
Notable Operations: Raging Justice
Notable Battles: Second Manticore

The Eleventh Fleet was the largest operational unit in the history of the Solarian League Navy. It was created in 1922 PD from a reinforced Task Force 891, and commanded by Fleet Admiral Massimo Filareta.

Order of Battle Edit

The Eleventh Fleet consisted of 427 superdreadnoughts, 32 battlecruisers, 30 light cruisers, 48 destroyers, and 50 fast freighters and personnel transports. All told, Eleventh Fleet counted almost six hundred starships, massing more than three billion tons[1].

Additionally, Eleventh Fleet consisted of 2.7 million naval personnel and 421,000 Solarian League Marines and support personnel. (HH13)

Staff Edit

Task Force Commanders Edit

Other personnel Edit

Armament Edit

Before leaving the Tasmania System for Manticore, Eleventh Fleet was supplied with multidrive missiles supposedly supplied by Technodyne[2] and approved by the SLN supreme command:

  • Cataphract B - a half magazines load (SD)
  • Cataphract C - 5,000 missile pods - 50,000 missiles

Service Record Edit

See: Operation Raging Justice and Second Battle of Manticore (HH12, HH13)

References Edit

  1. The SDs alone accounted for 2.9 billion tons.
  2. Fleet Admiral Filareta privately believed the missiles came from another source as the ammunition ships delivering them originated in the Mesa System and while Technodyne maintained a corporate headquarters on Mesa there were no production facilities there as far as he knew.
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