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Elaine Dumarest was a Havenite citizen and a member of the Legislaturist political caste.

Biography Edit

In 1900 PD, Dumarest was the Secretary of War under Hereditary President Sidney Harris, and advocated for more military buildup, primarily to the People's Navy. She was concerned about the growing anti-government groups on recently conquered planets, and also advised against expanding towards Erewhon for fear of provoking a reaction from the Solarian League. (HH1)

As Secretary of War, she controlled Naval Security, by far the least terrifying of the security forces.

She fundamentally underestimated the Star Kingdom of Manticore's Office of Naval Intelligence, as well as the Royal Manticoran Navy's technical edge. Despite the brilliance of "Argus", a system of stealthed platforms designed to provide relatively modern updates on the deployment of the RMN, she and Chief of Naval Operations Parnell walked directly into Admiral Caparelli's and Admiral Given's trap at Yeltsin, where they could not deploy Argus due to asteroid mining. (HH2)

She was an political adversary of the Secretary of the Economy, Walter Frankel, for years over budgetary concerns. She also clashed with Secretary of Education Eric Grossman over his department's policy of "democratization of education" in that she believed it hindered Haven's research and development capabilities, a view shared by Admiral Parnell. She wanted a neat and tidy universe to help make and carry out her policies. She did not believe that the assassin of Frankel, Everett Kanamashi, acted on his own. Like most of the Cabinet and most of the Legislaturist heads of families, she was presumed to have died when People's Navy assault shuttles carried out a "military coup" masterminded by Rob S. Pierre to overthrow the Legislaturists. (HH3)

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