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Edward Pierre
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Edward Pierre was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the People's Navy.


Edward Pierre was the only son of the Havenite politician and Dolist Manager Rob S. Pierre.

He served in the People's Navy as a Rear Admiral in charge of a battlecruiser squadron. His flagship was PNS Selim, a Sultan-class warship. Operating as part of Operation Perseus, Pierre's letters to his son were returned undelivered by Naval Security.

Admiral Pierre was lost along with all hands of Battlecruiser Division 141 and 142 at the Battle of Talbot, during a failed ambush on a Manticoran light cruiser. (HH3)

While the Navy refused to acknowledge its part in the "provocations" of Manticoran Alliance territory, Rob Pierre discovered that his son had been lost, and blamed the Harris Administration for throwing Edward's life away. (HH4)


Edward shared his father's fierce ambition and contempt for the Legislaturalist families that dominated the Republic of Haven's political and military hierarchies.

Unfortunately, this ambition placed him firmly in the Havenite camp that favored going to war with Manticore immediately, and induced him to despise the Manticorans as weaklings (since, he reasoned, if they were a truly formidable military power they would have followed Haven's example and conquered their neighboring star systems).

Likewise, his contempt for his superiors led him to disregard their assessments of Manticore's capabilities, believing they were made from timidity rather than fact.

Both of these qualities may have contributed to his failure and death; having blundered into a confrontation with a Manticoran dreadnought, and unable to retreat, he panicked and gave the order to open fire, rather than striking his wedge and surrendering his ship. Although the dreadnought's crew were every bit as surprised as he had been, their superior training kicked in and they responded to his ship's hasty barrage with overwhelming and lethal return fire.

Service Record[]


  • Rear Admiral