Edward I Winton
Full Name
Edward I Winton
Male   Male
Death date
1544 PD
Death place
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King Edward I was the fourth reigning monarch of the Star Kingdom of Manticore from 1542 to 1544 PD.


He was the son of King Michael and Queen Samantha, and the older brother of Timothy. After his mother's death from the Manticoran Plague, his father had another daughter with his second wife, Edward's half-sister Elizabeth. He was married to Queen Cynthia, with whom he had two children, Richard and Sophie. (MA1)


He joined the Royal Manticoran Navy against the expressed wishes of his father. (MA1)

The battle between the RMN and the Volsung Mercenaries, who had been paid by the Axelrod Corporation to conquer Manticore, took place during his reign. His son, Crown Prince Richard, was killed when his ship was destroyed during the battle. (HHA6.2: ACTA)

Shortly after, he died when his daughter Sophie's hydroplane ran into a small object on the surface of Jason Bay[1] and capsized. He dove into the water in an effort to save her, but both he and Princess Sophie were killed in the subsequent explosion of escaping hydrogen. He was succeeded by his younger sister, Elizabeth II. (UHH, MA3)

Service Record[]


  • HMS Bellerophon
  • HMS Defiant (in 1529 PD)
  • HMS Sphinx - Commanding Officer (1539 PD)


  1. A small cooler that had fallen off a pleasure craft earlier when the waters were cleared for the royal yacht's passage.

Preceded by
Michael I
King of Manticore
1542 PD – 1544 PD
Succeeded by
Elizabeth II