Edward Henke
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Lord Edward Henke
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Lord Edward Henke,[1] Earl of Gold Peak, was a Manticoran citizen of noble birth.


He was the husband of Lady Caitrin, Grand Duchess of Winton-Henke, daughter of Queen Samantha II and younger sister of King Roger III, and fathered two children with her, Calvin and Michelle Henke. He was also an uncle by marriage of Elizabeth III. (HH8)


In 1904 PD, he would tell his daughter that Paul Tankersley was going to placed on the Captains List. (HH3)

Henke and his son were among those killed when Masadan agents destroyed the Royal yacht Queen Adrienne as part of the Havenite-sponsored Operation Hassan. (HH9)

His daughter Michelle succeeded him as Countess Gold Peak. (HH10)


  1. In Queen's Gambit, At All Costs and Ashes of Victory he is referred to by the given name 'Anson'.

Preceded by
Earl of Gold Peak
( – 1915 PD)
Succeeded by
Michelle Henke