The Earldom of Harrington was a Manticoran peerage, created essentially to provide SKM dignitities for Captain Honor Harrington, an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy who had been ennobled by Grayson.

Countess Harrington was a figure of controversy, especially after she reported the cowardice of a fellow member of the House of Lords, Captain Pavel Young, after the First Battle of Hancock. Her testimony contributed to his conviction, resulting in his father's death and his expulsion from the Navy. Young then arranged the death of Harrington's fiancé, Paul Tankersley, which led to Harrington accusing him of murder and killing him in a duel. The Lords voted to expel Harrington for his death. She retained her peerage, but was not permitted to take her seat. (HH3, HH4)

Years later, Commodore Harrington was captured by the Havenite Navy and turned over to State Security to be executed. Rescued by her crew in an escape that left the authorities to believe they were all dead, the Havenite regime staged her execution. (HH7)

Honor's first cousin, Devon Harrington, reluctantly inherited the title. In conjunction with the passage of the Earldom, Queen Elizabeth decided to turn an honorary title into reality by providing entailed Earldom "lands" from the Crown Reserve in the Unicorn asteroid belt. (HH8, HH9)

Having legally inherited the peerage, Devon retained the Earldom when Honor returned to the Star Kingdom after leading the breakout from the Havenite prison planet Hades, and refused to challenge passage of the title. Queen Elizabeth concurred with Honor's choice, because it allowed her to create a new peerage for her on the planet Gryphon. More Crown Reserve lands were given up to become the Duchy of Harrington. (HH9)

Earl Devon and most of his family died with the Harrington Clan in the destruction of Yawata Crossing during Operation Oyster Bay, the Mesan Alignment's surprise attack on the Manticore System, and his title was passed on to his sole surviving daughter, Sarah. (HH12)

Known Earls and Countesses Harrington[]

  • Lady Dame Honor Harrington, First Countess Harrington
  • Lord Devon Harrington, Second Earl Harrington
  • Lady Sarah Harrington, Third Countess Harrington