Dianchect, known among his own kind as Tree Dancer and then as Seeker of Dreams, was a Sphinxan treecat who bonded with Queen Adrienne of Manticore in her youth. He was a member of the Red Leaves Dancing Clan.

In 1651 PD, Crown Princess Adrienne was on a state visit to the headquarters of the Sphinx Forestry Service, when Seeker of Dreams adopted her. Immediately after the adoption, he detected and, with the assistance of Musashi, Leaf Stalker, and several other treecats, defeated an attempt to assassinate her.

She gave him the human-style name Dianchect[1], and they remained together for the rest of her life. Her adoption led to several significant events. First and foremost, King Roger II withdrew Crown opposition to the embattled Treecat Rights Bill. Later on, Queen Adrienne mandated that treecats bonded to Royal Navy personnel be permitted to remain with their companions, even on shipboard assignments. Furthermore, those who had been adopted were not to be treated adversely. The policy was generally followed, but due to the low number of such personnel, there was often a certain amount of confusion and awkwardness. (HHA2.2: WPD, HH1)

Dianchect was rumored to have been the model for the snarling treecat depicted on the Adrienne Cross. (CS1)

References Edit

  1. "Dianchect" was the name of the Irish God of Healing.
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