Lord Devon Harrington, 2nd Earl Harrington, (1849 - 1922 PD) was a Manticoran citizen and historian.

Devon was a first cousin of Honor Harrington, and unwillingly succeeded to her title after her faked execution by the People's Republic of Haven. After it turned out that Honor was still alive, he retained the peerage: Queen Elizabeth had faced considerable difficulty in ensuring his succession, enough that its reversal would be problematic for all involved. To this end, a new peerage, the Duchy of Harrington, was bestowed upon Honor, much to the latter's chagrin. Earl Harrington was quoted by Hamish Alexander to find the whole affair "a bunch of tomfoolery that would only get in the way of his research". (HH8; HH9)

Queen Elizabeth III gave Earl Harrington some of the Crown Reserve in the Unicorn Belt. (HH9)

Devon and much of his family were killed in the destruction of Yawata Crossing in 1922 PD. His daughter Sarah, one of the few surviving members of the Harrington Clan, inherited his title. (HH12)

Preceded by
Honor Harrington
Earl Harrington
1912 – 1922 PD
Succeeded by
Sarah Harrington