The Chanson class, an example for a Manticoran destroyer

The destroyer (DD) was a type of warship employed by most space forces of the Post Diaspora era.


Destroyers (often abbreviated as DD) were the smallest warships employed by most navies and performed such duties as picketing, escorting, reconnaissance, commerce protection, and commerce raiding. Tasked with similar duties to their larger counterpart, the light cruiser, destroyers nonetheless carried weaker broadside armaments. Larger than frigates, destroyers commonly ranged in size from sixty-five to eighty thousand tons, though more modern destroyers like the Royal Manticoran Navy's Roland-class destroyers were edging into the tonnage range normally occupied by light cruisers. (SI2)

Destroyers of the RMN were designed with break-away bulkheads to jettison a malfunctioning fusion reactor. (HH3)

Known DD classes[]

The Dolch class, an Andermani destroyer type

A Havenite Desforge-class destroyer in action

Andermani Empire[]

Protectorate of Grayson[]

Republic of Haven[]

Solarian League[]

Star Kingdom / Star Empire of Manticore[]

Silesian Confederacy[]


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