The Darius System was a star system under Mesan control in the Verge of the Solarian League. Its existence and purpose were kept from the rest of the Galaxy, including nearly every Mesan, since it was the site of the shipyards and training facilities of the covert Mesan Alignment Navy.

Star Geography Edit

Darius was an F6 class star with one habitable planet called Darius Gamma. (HH12)

History Edit

The Mesan Alignment first settled Gamma in the first half of the 18th Century PD. By 1922 PD, the system's total population was close to 3.9 billion, of which two billion were members of the Mesan alpha, beta, or gamma genetic lines. The remainder of the population were genetic slaves. However, they were treated far better than genetic slaves elsewhere, as Darius was one of the very few places where the Mesan Constitution's legal prohibition against gross mistreatment of genetic slaves was actually enforced. Nevertheless, only a few of the system population ever left the system, and those who didn't understood the main activity of ship design and construction to be a defensive effort.

The travel and informational limits were effective. No one in the Galaxy, save for some of the officers and men of the MAN, and the Mesan Alignment leadership, knew anything about the Darius System or its purpose. (HH12)

Facilities Edit

The space station Darius Prime orbited the planet Gamma along with four other stations, producing ships and training crews for the MAN. (HH12)

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