The Danak System was a star system in the Republic of Haven.

It was the location of the Office of State Security's headquarters for the Danak Sector.

Star geography Edit

The primary was a G8 star. Danak Alpha and Beta were paired planets which were both technically habitable. However, only Danak Alpha was inhabited. (HH8)

A dense and rich resource-rich asteroid belt called Bergen's Ring was located within the system's hyper limit, with a relatively short transit distance to Danak Alpha. (MA3)

History Edit

Danak Alpha was settled in the early 16th Century PD and heavily industrialized since the 18th Century PD.[1] (HH8) It was originally an independent star nation, with good relations to Haven in the 1540s PD. (MA3)

References Edit

  1. It had been settled for four hundred years and industrialized for half that time in 1912 PD.
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